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World Bird Field Guides

What’s the best field guide for Australia, or Cameroon, or PNG, or …? It’s a question I ask a lot, and one I see many other birders asking. I’ve started this site to document my research and experience with world bird field guides. It’s not a place for book reviews in the usual sense, or for comprehensive bibliographies; it’s a place for straightforward recommendations from one birder to another.

I welcome questions and comments. I also welcome submission of new material. Want to write about a country or region I haven’t gotten to yet? Please do! By submitting material for possible inclusion on this site, you agree to license the content (and that you have the right to license the content) under an irrevocable Creative Commons Attribution license.

Here’s the country index (names and regions from the UN with additions):

Africa | Americas | Asia | Europe | Oceania


Middle Africa

Northern Africa

Western Africa


Northern America


South-Eastern Asia

Western Asia


Eastern Europe

Northern Europe

Southern Europe

Western Europe


Australia and New Zealand

  • Australia
  • New Zealand (no info yet)
  • Norfolk Island (no info yet)


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  1. December 26, 2007

    Great idea and a great resource!

  2. Dave Corrall permalink
    July 12, 2009

    Helpful and informative site, but what about Southern Africa. Roberts’ Birds of South Africa is By far the best and most informative guide to sub-saharan birds. Ian Sinclair has a very good photographic guide as well.

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  3. September 5, 2009

    Southern Africa is certainly missing. We just used Birds of Southern African by Sinclair, Hockey and Tarboton (Princeton Field Guides) on a trip to South Africa and found it pretty useful.

    If you are still maintaining this list, I can find out about Indian guides.

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