We interrupt this program…

2010 February 17
by David J. Ringer

VICKSBURG, MISS. — The laptop that has powered Search and Serendipity for almost three years has died, apparently of massive hardware failure. I suspect the motherboard but will never know for sure. It hasn’t been the best of laptops, but it traveled with me to many strange and wonderful places. I guess that’s all over now. Not that I’m sentimental.

The good news is that no important data is lost. The failure has been in progress for about two weeks, so I’ve had ample warning (and frustration).

The bad news is that my blogging schedule will continue to be disrupted for several more days at least.

I am writing this post on the WordPress app for iPhone. I’d been looking for a chance to try it out, but this is an unfortunate way to do it (much better to have been in some exotic locale uploading a photo of a rarity…).

While I’m dealing with this, head on over to 10,000 Birds, where Mike has posted Renato’s video of a hummingbird we saw in Ecuador. It’s awesome because the gorgeous little bird is bathing in puddle on a large leaf, but we are also requesting ID help. Which hummer is it?

OK, I guess now I have no excuses to put off that housework I’ve been avoiding….

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  1. February 18, 2010

    Ouch! Sorry to hear that. Hope you get it sorted out soon. (I’m selfish that way: the quicker you get a solution, the quicker you’ll be back to feeding my jones for your adventures and discoveries.)

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