A farewell

2009 August 1
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by David J. Ringer

NAIROBI, KENYA — Today I made my private goodbyes to the birds of Nairobi. They took no notice of course, not the yellow-billed kite calling mournfully in a snag, nor the amorous Dusky Turtle Doves, nor the glinting sunbirds, nor the demented mousebirds hanging vertically from a twig. Neither did the indigobird singing from a wire, nor the bulbuls, nor the weavers, nor the firefinches lurking in the brush. I never expected them to.

By afternoon, the clouds had gone and the sun was warm. Pied Crows, Marabou Storks, and Black Kites soared high on the thermals.

Now the sun is gone again. If I’m lucky, I will hear the nightjar one more time before my taxi comes.


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