Two must-see sites and IATB #104

2009 July 10
by David J. Ringer

NAIROBI, KENYA — If you’re doing any “online birding” this weekend, here are two sites to check out:

Remo Savisaar’s pildiblog (“picture blog”). Remo is an Estonian photographer who publishes one of the best nature-themed photoblogs on the web. His artistic brilliance and technical wizardry enable him to produce images that are intimate, mysterious, challenging, insightful, and deeply beautiful. Have a look through his archives and add him to your feed reader. You’ll be very glad you did. (And Google translator will give you rough translations of the Estonian, which is a Uralic language related to Finnish and Hungarian.)

John Boyd’s Taxonomy in Flux pages. John Boyd somehow manages to synthesize extraordinary quantities of information on avian taxonomy and systematics. All sorts of fascinating genetic studies are challenging traditional assumptions and classification systems and shedding new light on perennial mysteries, while also raising lots of new questions. John Boyd’s site is one of my first stops when I need the scoop on a particular group of birds — or just to browse when I want to see what’s new.

Also, I and the Bird #104 is up.

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