Birds of the Equinox starting soon!

2009 March 19
by David J. Ringer

Birds of the Equinox

Spring is in the air! I feel it on the breeze; I hear it in birdsong; I see it as swallows dive and cranes point their V’s to the North. Friday is equinox, the day the sun crosses the equator, the day that day and night are equal in length. In North America, we call it the first day of spring.

Birdstack is hosting Birds of the Equinox, an international event intended to showcase the diversity of birds and their lives and how they intersect with our own. The reporting period starts 12 hours before the equinox, which in Texas (my current roost) is 6:44 p.m. Thursday.

You can find out your participation times by consulting the timetable on the Birds of the Equinox page. We had participation from many parts of the world last year (Birds of the Solstice: December 2008), and we’d love to have even more this time! Spread the word and get your binoculars ready.

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