Fan-tailed Warbler photographed!

2007 August 16
by David J. Ringer

DALLAS, TEXAS — For the first time ever, a Fan-tailed Warbler has been photographed in Texas. Carolyn Ohl-Johnson snapped the image: Fan-tailed Warbler.

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5 Responses
  1. August 16, 2007

    I can’t get through the “code” or whatever it is. I guess I will just go on faith.

  2. August 17, 2007

    Darn, for some reason the pic isn’t working on their end.

  3. djringer permalink*
    August 17, 2007

    Thanks for the heads up. It worked fine yesterday, but perhaps the image received too much traffic, so the hosting provider disabled direct access. I’ve changed the link to point to a page on Carolyn’s site. From there, you should be able to click on her pic for a larger view. Let me know if that works.

  4. August 17, 2007

    Looks good. From the talk on TexBirds I thought it wouldn’t be very good at all. It’s no Nat’l Geo cover but it’ll do. Cool bird.

  5. August 18, 2007

    Hi! I tagged you with a Birding Meme. Hope you find the questions interesting. Check it out here —

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