IATB #39

2006 December 27
by David J. Ringer

GREENE CO., MO. — There’s lots to see over at I and the Bird #39, so check it out (and have a look at some of Kevin’s gorgeous photos while you’re at it).

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One Response
  1. November 29, 2012

    Hello John. I19ve enjoyed riedang your blog over the past months. Great question and keep up the good work.My least favorite bird is hands down the robin. This so-called sign of spring spends its winters in warmer climates 13 I wish I had that luxury. Then, when it decides to show up in the spring, everybody is supposed to be so excited. Lousy tourist. Although there has been weeks of nice weather, I don19t think I19ve seen a robin around my place in a month or two. Good riddance.The bird I like is the chickadee. No bird is more blue-collar than this little fellow. Hot summer days to cold winter nights you can find chickadees throughout the Northland going about whatever it is that chickadees do. They don19t need a vacation to warmer parts when the weather turns bleak. I even like the fact that sometimes they look happy and sometimes they look angry 13 just like a Northlander should.

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