Solstice means beginnings

2006 December 21
by David J. Ringer

GREENE CO., MO. — I went walking well after dark, when most of the neighbors were sealed up tightly in their boxes and a chilly wind roamed the quiet streets.

Why? Oh, I wanted to see the light displays, and to feel the cool night air. And I hoped I would hear an owl, but I did not.

I didn’t realize until the day was almost gone that this is winter solstice. That means that Search and Serendipity is two years old today. The blog itself is not that old, but two years ago on the winter solstice, I began a project: to write about the birds I encountered over the next solar year.

The project soon floundered because I didn’t have an audience — and because the spring semester roared to life soon after. But three months later as I watched a singing cowbird, I had what I thought was a revolutionary idea. I should write a blog about birds! And so a few days later, I began. I decided to put up the entries I’d written earlier in the solar year, for after all, the solstice made a good beginning.

Two years ago on the solstice, I wondered what life after college would bring. I couldn’t have imagined then that of the next 24 months, I would spend nearly half in a nation called PNG.

And now the solstice has come again. A new year has begun.

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