A going-away surprise

2006 February 17
by David J. Ringer

ARLINGTON, TEXAS — I walked into my room with a frustrated glance at piles of details on the floor. One of the boxes had to be emptied and repacked, and some of the bathroom still needed cleaning. The tomato soup on the stove wasn’t hot enough yet.


I’d put the screen back on my window and left the window ajar. A bird called — was that chickadee? I stopped singing and hurried to the window to listen.

Yes! It called once more, and after a moment of silence, I saw a tiny bird flutter over and disappear.

A new yard bird on my last day here.

Four hours later, I was gone for good, out into the gray and blustery afternoon. Highs didn’t even reach halfway to yesterday’s unbelievable 85, and ice is forecast for tonight. What that will do to travel plans I’m not entirely sure.

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