Spring comes softly

2006 February 5
by David J. Ringer

ARLINGTON, TEXAS — A Mourning Dove’s song was the first sound I heard today. It woke me gently, whooOOOwhowhowho. So I got up before the nasty alarm, and I was thinking of spring.

The afternoon was one like I have loved since I began to remember. To be immersed in the warm and provocative air, feeling it on my skin and in my nose, fills me with desires I can’t fulfill. Not with my car in the shop for days and I in the middle of 5 million people.

I heard a House Finch singing as I went to get my laundry, and later another melody slipped through my window. I silenced the powerful human voices I’d been playing and listened as a robin soloed, effortlessly bubbling with rich and varied phrases.

Now the sun has dropped behind the other buildings, and the robin has stopped its song. I still hear its calls, just occasionally. Are the buds just outside my window a little bigger today? Or is it just my state of mind?

I’ll be gone before the extravagant little cloudbursts erupt from furry, clasping scales. And where I’ll be, it won’t be spring. Sacred Kingfishers will be returning from the south, where they’ve bred and raised their families.

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  1. vicki permalink
    February 8, 2006

    We’re locked hard into winter here and the birds are not singing- they are crowding the feeders.

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