Winged distractions

2005 November 3
by David J. Ringer

ARLINGTON, TEXAS — Always trying to strike a balance between distance, time and stress levels, I tried another route to work this morning. Two gulls flew over the road, catching my eye. When I looked back down, I discovered I was hurtling toward a yellow light. It was too late to do anything but hit the gas and hope for the best. I doubt anyone else even noticed, however, for these Dallas drivers don’t believe in red lights.

On the home front, my yard list has plateaued. Day two of the great experiment has been as uneventful as the first. Yesterday, I hung a little seed bell on the balcony. The label advertised fruit and berries, but I was amazed to discover that it contains only seed and “flavor.” I cannot imagine what practical purpose that serves (last I checked, birds aren’t olfactorily gifted) except perhaps to entice the Bambi birders.

Anyway, nothing has touched the stuff yet. I have seen no evidence of mild-mannered, tidy birds like chickadees or titmice, so if it ends up drawing hordes of grackles and pigeons, it will have to go. Or it may just keep hanging there on its chain of paper clips, slightly crooked, and giving off an aroma of fruits and berries.

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