Black birds, gray day

2005 October 6
by David J. Ringer

DALLAS, TEXAS — I stood in a place I did not recognize, and a bright yellow warbler moved through the branches ahead of me. It had black cheek patches and a rufous cap, and I decided it must be a Prairie Warbler. It came closer and gobbled down some sort of pale green insect.

Just as it hopped up out of sight, my alarm clock started blaring.

The world to which I awoke was considerably less colorful. The cold front brought clouds with it, and the sky was quite gray. I sat down on the back patio to savor the cool breeze and watch the crows. They soared above the tree-covered hill, singly sometimes. Then 15 filled the sky at once — caw! caw! caw!

One Turkey Vulture cruised across the hillside.

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