Another goodbye

2005 August 14
by David J. Ringer

PORT VILA, VANUATU — Yesterday’s rain dashed any hopes of getting outside the city to do a little birding. But this morning was bright and beautiful, and I climbed the staircase to the porch of the now-empty hilltop house. The Yorks and the Heins left very early this morning.

Plenty of mynas flew by, and the drab honeyeaters worked the fence. I wonder if they are the Dark-brown Honeyeaters. If they are, someone was colorblind.

The yellow white-eyes returned, a pair again, and calling.

I saw a triller far away, down the hill at the top of a tree along the road. Did it have a slight white eyebrow? Then I heard it sing, just a few plain notes, the first few higher-pitched than those that followed.

I needed to get going soon. The Webbs were coming any minute to take me to the Bislama church service. But wait. A triller had materialized quite close by. The bird was black above with a white eyebrow and limited white on the wing coverts. It had a white rump, too. I didn’t know what other field marks to look for. I thought I remembered that one species was called Long-tailed Triller. This bird’s tail didn’t seem excessively long — or very short either.

A slight, upright bird, it foraged among the leaves and eventually flew to the top of a tall pine. I hurried down the hill just as the Webbs pulled into the driveway.

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