An adieu to familiarity

2005 June 1
by David J. Ringer

GREENE CO., MO. — The Ozarks just had its third driest spring on record. The two drier years were in the 1930s — dustbowl years.

We watered the northeast bed today and turned off the sprinkler as we sat down to a late lunch. A robin bathed in a puddle in the yard, and bluebirds hopped around in the soggy bed. A rock had collected a little puddle of water, and a chickadee dropped down to bathe.


The oak woodland behind our house is rarely silent.

I heard a goldfinch singing earlier in the day. Nuthatches and Red-bellied Woodpeckers called, and the hummingbirds zoomed about.


This three-toed box turtle was wandering through the backyard and took shelter under a big hosta when I arrived with the camera.

I’m leaving in less than an hour. Goodbye, bluebirds and chickadees.

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