2005 April 28
by David J. Ringer


retreating after papers,
fire ants kept me moving till i settled on a heap of dirt

buntings bluebirds noisy nestlings
robins take me to ohio

i played with dirt
   first because i didn’t think
   then because i did
   then because soft, cool

two bikes
i started acting natural–
   i’m just sitting here on a dirt pile

he asked if i built them
and i felt like a myth resting on the mountains
   after piling up the world


calling first
   five nighthawks
   spread and high
why do i always think of qadar–

i’d better go–
because of the lights, not the dark

mockingbird wonders what’s right with the world

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One Response
  1. Lynn permalink
    May 4, 2005

    Having finally seen nighthawks, I don’t wonder they bring to mind qadar–and those things still send chills down my spine.

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